The Laugh Track With Gerry Strauss

The Laugh Track With Gerry Strauss

No matter how slick, expensive or in-your-face TV may become, viewers of all ages will always love a good comedy. From old-school sitcoms to slick single-camera shows, "The Laugh Track" gives you laughs, insights and behind-the-scenes stories from TV's funniest performers about the shows, episodes and moments you love. From "Seinfeld" and "Full House" to "The Office" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", it's all here... so sit back, it's "The Laugh Track!"

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Aug. 27, 2020

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Answering YOUR Questions about "Freaks and Geeks" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with SARAH HAGAN

Aug. 20, 2020

Because YOU demanded it, the awesome SARAH HAGAN aka "Millie" is back this week to answer YOUR ?'s …