The Laugh Track With Gerry Strauss

The Laugh Track With Gerry Strauss

No matter how slick, expensive or in-your-face TV may become, viewers of all ages will always love a good comedy. From old-school sitcoms to slick single-camera shows, "The Laugh Track" gives you laughs, insights and behind-the-scenes stories from TV's funniest performers about the shows, episodes and moments you love. From "Seinfeld" and "Full House" to "The Office" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", it's all here... so sit back, it's "The Laugh Track!"

Recent Episodes

Talking "The Office" & "Dancing with the Stars" with MELORA HARDIN

Nov. 25, 2021

We all know her as the mercurial "Jan Levinson" from "The Office", but Melora Hardin has been so much more throughout her phenomenal career. From starring in "Chicago" on Broadway to her transformative roles in "Transparent"…

JANE SIBBETT from "Friends" Answers YOUR Questions

June 17, 2021

She's talented, brilliant and gorgeous inside and out. Jane Sibbett (of "Friends" and "Herman's Head" fame) is joining us again, and this time, she is answering a slew of fan-submitted questions about the "Friends" Reunion (…

ANDREA BARBER Answers YOUR Questions about "Full House" & Fuller House"!

June 10, 2021

She's stopping by again, and unlike the Tanners, we actually invited her! Andrea Barber aka everyone's favorite wacky neighbor Kimmie Gibbler, hangs out with us again this episode to answer your equally wacky and wild questi…

Talking "Half & Half" (plus "The Craft", "Half Baked" and more) with RACHEL TRUE

May 19, 2021

She's gorgeous, ageless and ever-so-cool. Whether you first got to know her in films like "Half Baked" and "The Craft" or her popular UPN sitcom "Half & Half" (now on Netflix), Rachel True has always kept it real while keepi…

Talking "Young Rock" with Lexie Duncan

May 13, 2021

This week, we return to the life and times of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson via his just-wrapped, uber-successful first season of NBC's "Young Rock", as we reach out across the globe to get to know another one of the shows shini…

Talking "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" with KARYN PARSONS

April 26, 2021

She played one of TV's most iconic snobs, but in real life, Karyn Parsons couldn't be any more different than the character she gave life to, the one-of-a-kind Hilary Banks. We chatted with Karyn about creating the daughter …